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May 2020 Beacon: Annual Meeting Announced

The May 2020 Beacon (XXII, No. 2) is now available! This issue has a president's message on "Teaching and Learning Online in a New COVID-19 World," an article on Distance Learning challenges for teachers and students, and a toon by Thomas.

Read the whole account here.

Mark Boslough in Africa, looking for the famed Libyan Desert Glass. Used by Tutankhamun's artisans, it was forged by a meteor's atmospheric plunge.

This issue also announces our Annual Meeting. The New Mexico Coalition for Science and Math Education is pleased to announce that our 2020 annual meeting will feature Mark Boslough, Ph.D., a research professor at University of New Mexico, and physicist with Los Alamos National Laboratory. Mark will be speaking on "The Importance of Astronomical Drama", and will discuss how meteors and comets impact society, with examples from his own life, from history, and from pre-history. Perhaps you've seen Mark discussing impact science on television shows like NOVA on PBS. Join us on live on YouTube, Sat., June 27th, 1:30 - 3:00 pm.

This issue of the Beacon, along with every other issue, can be found on CESE's Beacon Page.

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