Coalition for Excellence in Science and Math Education


Dear Colleague and Friend,

With great pleasure, we invite you to join the Coalition for Excellence in Science and Math Education (CESE). The composition and goal of the CESE is stated in our mission:

The Coalition for Excellence in Science Education (CESE) is composed of interested citizens throughout New Mexico and the nation, including scientists, engineers, educators, university faculty, members of the clergy, and parents. CESE is non-partisan and non-sectarian, and welcomes members of all religions and political philosophies. This coalition works to improve science education and science literacy for all citizens. The organization provides support to teachers, students, the public, and to public officials. We want to ensure that the beacon of the Enlightenment is not extinguished in 21st century America.

The only requirement for CESE membership is the acceptance of our mission as a statement of the organization’s purpose. CESE annual dues are currently $25 for individuals, $35 for families and $10 for students to help defray costs of postage, insignia, envelopes, etc. No members will be asked to do anything more than they wish to do on behalf of the common cause.

CESE recognizes that the freedom and well-being of our children and our nation depend on a society that is capable of basing its political and educational decisions on critical thinking, evidence, and scientific literacy. The CESE will strive to advance this cause and become a "Force for the Future."

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