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Member Contributions

These are articles contributed by CESE members.  Enjoy!

The Bible: Is it a True and Accurate Account of Creation? By David F. Beck and Walter B. Murfin

“Creationist Physicist” Russell D Humphreys and his Questionable “Evidence for a Young World by David E. Thomas

 Mountains, Sieves, and Science by David E. Thomas
December 26, 1997
An essay on a fundamental difference between science and advocacy.

Evolution is Only a Theory, by Walt Murfin. An essay that discusses the differences in the meanings of "fact" and "theory" in science and every day life.

Circular Arguments, by William MacPherson. An essay discussing the famous 19th Century geologist Charles Lyell and the age of the earth.

Intelligent Design: The New Creationism Threatens All of Science and Society - Marshall Berman

"INTELLIGENT DESIGN CREATIONISM: A Threat to Society - Not Just Biology" an American Biology Teacher Editorial by Marshall Berman

Quotes of the Founding Fathers by Ross Milner

Science and Society Under Attack: The Need for Political as Well as Scientific Responses by Marshall Berman.  American Physical Society March 14, 2006 Baltimore, Maryland

The “Intelligently Designed” Attack on Science and Society by Dr. Marshall Berman; Los Alamos National Laboratory, January 22, 2007, Los Alamos, New Mexico

Should creationism be taught in the public schools? by Marshall Berman

Should We Really Teach All Theories of Origins in Science Class? by David Thomas

The Second Law of Thermodynamics by William MacPherson

Transitional Forms, by William MacPherson. An essay discussing transitional fossils with examples such as the Hyracotherium and the Archaeopteryx.