Coalition for Excellence in Science and Math Education

CESE Annual Meetings

Here are the minutes of our recent Annual Meetings.  In addition to keynote speakers, the meetings feature recaps of the past year's progress and the coming year's prospects by outgoing and incoming presidents.

  • 2014 Annual Meeting (June 7th). Comments from out-going president Terry Dunbar, and from in-coming president Patty Finley; election of slate for 2013-2014; presentation of award, general discussion.
  • 2013 Annual Meeting (June 29).  Comments from out-going president Ken Whiton, and from in-coming president Terry Dunbar; election of slate for 2013-2014; keynote speaker Zack Kopplin, on "Why we need a Second Giant Leap."
  • 2012 Annual Meeting (June 23). Former State Senator Pauline Eisenstadt, on her new book "A Woman in Both Houses." Terry Dunbar - Year in Review; Ken Whiton - Plans for the Future.
  • 2011 Annual Meeting (June 25) Sam Kean, the author of The Disappearing Spoon, a best selling book about how the periodic table came to be
  • 2010 Annual Meeting (June 26) Jonathan Wolfe, Fractal Foundation, behind “First Friday Fractals” shows at the NM Museum of Natural History and Science’s planetarium
  • 2009 Annual Meeting (June 13) Dr. Michael Shermer, a science writer, historian of science, and the founder of The Skeptics Society
  • 2008 Annual Meeting (June 21) Darwin actor, storyteller and science teacher, Brian “Fox” Ellis of Fox Tales International. The program was entitled "Charles Darwin and the Voyage of the Beagle."
  • 2007 Annual Meeting (June 16) David Goodstein, Ph.D., Vice Provost and professor of physics at the California Institute of Technology. He was also the director and host of the educational TV show, The Mechanical Universe.
  • 2006 Annual Meeting (June 11) Nick Matze, Public Information Project Director, from the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), and Dover ID Trial Participant
  • 2005 Annual Meeting (June 25) John Trever, editorial cartoonist for the Albuquerque Journal
  • 2004 Annual Meeting (June 13) Dr. Veronica Garcia, NM's first Secretary of Education.
  • 2003 Annual Meeting (June 22) Bill Hume, the Governor's
    Policy and Planning Director; formerly the editorial editor of
    the Albuquerque Journal.
  • 2002 Annual Meeting (June 16th) Jack Jekowski, Principal Partner
    of Innovative Technology Partnerships.
  • 2001 Annual Meeting (June 16th) State Representative Rick Miera, speaking on “Education Reform, the Demise/Recapture of the Student.”
  • 2000 Annual Meeting (June 17th) State Superintendent of Education Michael Davis
  • 1999 Annual Meeting (June 26th) Christine Trujillo, State Board of Education
  • 1998 Annual Meeting (July 19th) (Marshall Berman et. al.)
  • 1997 Annual Meeting (June 28th) (Marshall Berman et. al.)